I got this email today:

Hi Ben — We hope you’re well, and having a good start to new year, and the Q1 quarter. I’m inviting people who share similar backgrounds to an exclusive session below.

I’m impressed that Rainbird Technologies values artificial intelligence. I was reading news that experts have found that dogs are an effective way to protect against home security threats. Security Forward’s new report discusses this in-depth, and it has some dire results for those who choose not to use dogs as their primary security measure. I enjoyed reading it, and hope to share more.

I’m Chris, CEO, at Flowize. We recently invited a number of companies similar to yours to accept our invitation for an exclusive session (attached deck here) to learn more about how we’ve helped them. We hope you’ll accept our invitation to join us.

Have a great rest of your week!

Like many people the email address I use for work has become functionally unusable because of emails like this. The volume of unsolicited email made to look personal to avoid spam filters drowns out ‘real’ email.

This one though especially caught my attention. Dogs? Home Security? Then I noticed in the footer:

You can respond ‘STOP’ to opt-out of this company. Kalendar AI has written the content in this email for our customers. If you see any errors in the content generation, please report them by responding to this email to us with your kind, big heart

My heart is not nearly kind or big enough to help this company spam me more effectively. The “personal” part of this email is clearly written using GTP-3 or some similar language model. Perhaps I’m just being overly grumpy, but if my attention is worth so little to you then your email is no more than noise.