My name is Ben Taylor. I’m co-founder of Rainbird, an decision intelligence platform powered by AI.

This site is really just a bit of an occasional dumping ground. This is where I might publish something I’ve written that has no home elsewhere, and this will also be where I start to share some of my photography.

I’m interested in AI, startup, photography, logic, open rights, and a hundred other things. I may write posts about these things from time to time and put them here.

This post describes a little of why I’m posing here.

Technical Information

This site is made using Jekyll. I chose a static site generator over a hosted CMS because I was looking for something simple and controllable. I was trying to avoid as much bloat and overhead as possible.

I host using Netlify. This turns out to be an extremely good solution for a site like this. My code is stored in GitHub. Netlify watches for commits, then automatically builds the site and deploys to their CDN. I don’t need to maintain any servers, I just update my code and hey presto my site is updated.

Content Licenses

All content on this site is Copyright 2023 Ben Taylor.

You will see details of how content on this site is licensed in the bottom right of each page footer.

Unless otherwise noted there most content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Where I’ve used this licence you’re free to re-purpose and use as you please, just please attribute me and publish under the same licence.

Some content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Where I’ve use this licence I wish to retain exclusive commercial rights to the content. For instance much of my photography is licensed like this as I may, one day, decide to sell it. Where I’ve used this licence you’re free to share the content for non-commercial use only, but you may not modify it and you must please attribute me.


Benbot on my home page was a present and made for me by @smolrobots, who make lovely drawings of helpful small robots.

A small helpful robot Ben, with a camera, digging his garden. He has his pet robot cat and dog by his side. Made for me by the very lovely @smolrobots