My LRPS Panel

LRPS Hanging Plan

I’m very pleased to have successfully achieved my Licentiate distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. When I set out to work towards this I found it very useful seeing other people’s successful panels. So above is my successful panel. I presented these as a set of ten mounted, roughly A3 size prints, on Hahnemüehle FineArt Perl paper.

The LRPS distinction is about demonstrating a range of photographic skill while meeting criteria in; camera work and technical quality, visual awareness, communication, and the overall impression. It was a challenge to present a panel of ten prints that meet these criteria and shows different approaches while still being a single, balanced, and (hopefully!) cohesive body of work.

I’m happy with my final panel, which I think comes to gether well. I could not have done it without the support of the RPS thorough advisory days and 1-1 portfolio review.

I was worried about a couple of these images, especially the cental bird image. There is a reputation that the assessors hate things like blown highlights with no texture, which is obviously very evident on the leading edge of the bird’s wing. Luckily this reputation is unfounded, and they agreed with me that the highlight adds to the structure and shape of the wing.

If you’re thinking of going for the LRPS I’d absolutely recommend booking on those 1-1 sessions, it gave me the confidence to go for it and include images like the bird and helped me see where my panel needed more work.

The individual images that make up my panel are below (click to see larger versions).