I hit an interesting point in construction of my canoe over the weekend. I’ve now got all the forms that the hull will be constructed around made and attached in place on the strongback.

The book mentions the last steps of positioning and attaching the forms as being especially satisfying, and it’s quite right. As you’re carefully aligning and positing each station the shape of the boat gradually emerges.

Forms in place

Making the forms took me some time. I don’t have a band saw, so I had to cut each one individually with a jigsaw. I was a little worried about how accurately I’d be able to do this, but by cutting carefully just outside the line and then shaving down I was able to be quite precise.

Side view of forms on the strongback

With a band saw you can cut two matching forms at once, but because I had to cut each peace individually I also had to mark each one out. By the end my plans we getting a little tatty and my carbon paper was running out. But they just about survived enough to do the job.

Next up is making the stems, which will be made of ash. This will need steaming before bending and clamping around the stem moulds. Exciting adventures with a second hand kettle await…